- Multipacks -

Battle Packs

  • Ambush on Ilum (Target Ex.)
  • ARC-170 Elite Squad (Target Ex.)
  • AT-RT Assault Squad (Target Ex.)
  • Attack on Kashyyyk (Target Ex.)
  • Bantha w/ Tusken Raider (Toys r us ex.) 
  • Battle of Geonosis
  • Battle on Mygeeto
  • Battle Rancor w/ Felucian Rider (Target Ex.)
  • Betrayal at Bespin
  • Betrayal on Felucia (Target Ex.)
  • Capture of the Tantive IV
  • Clone Attack on Coruscant
  • Droid Factory Capture
  • Hoth Patrol (Toys r us Ex.)
  • Jedi Training on Dagobah
  • Jedi VS Darth Sidious
  • Jedi VS Sith
  • STAP Attack (Toys r us Ex.)
  • The Battle of Endor (Target Ex. - Ultimate Set)
  • The Battle of Hoth (Target Ex. - Ultimate Set)
  • The Hunt for Grievous
  • Treachery on Saleucami (Walmart Ex.)

Commemorative Tin Collections

  • Episode I
  • Episode II
  • Episode III
  • Episode IV
  • Episode V
  • Episode VI
  • Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes (Walmart Ex.) 


  • Anakin to Darth Vader
  • Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper
  • The Sith
  • The Fett Legacy
  • The Jedi Legacy
  • The Sith legacy
  • Vader's Secret Apprentice

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